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Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, we now provide a variety of options to help you gain a dazzling smile.

Your smile communicates a lot about how you feel about yourself. Even a minor flaw in your smile can keep you from feeling your best about the way you look. In the past, we had few options to improve teeth that were chipped, stained or crooked. However, now a wide range of cosmetic dental techniques can benefit almost any smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is a blending of art and science. With a focus on aesthetic results and using a variety of the latest restorative techniques and materials, we can enhance your smile to give it a more pleasing appearance. Our cosmetic dentists provide services in Hurstville & Newtown.

When does my tooth need a crown?

The outside of each tooth is made of enamel, which is extremely hard. Although teeth are strong a crown is recommended if there is:

1. Substantial chips or broken teeth/fillings due to fall or any other type of trauma.

2. Tooth decay may also severely weaken a tooth, with a high risk that the tooth may fall apart.

3. Root canal treatment, where the pulp of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels is removed, can also weaken a tooth.

4. Large fillings can reduce a tooth’s strength and eventually the tooth can break.

5. Tooth wear over time can dramatically reduce the size of a tooth and even expose the nerve

6. Cosmetic needs can also be treated with crowns, restoring tooth strength, function and enhancing the overall health and beauty of your mouth.

7. Very crooked teeth can sometimes be dramatically improved with crowns if braces or porcelain veneers are not suitable.

A crown fits over the existing natural crown, the part of the tooth seen above the gums.

Most crowns on front teeth are made of full porcelain, like veneers, and look every bit as natural, leaving no black line at gum level like traditional crowns. Porcelain crowns are as strong as natural teeth and are also recommended for replacing old crowns on front teeth.

Other types of crowns, particularly on the back teeth, contain a high gold alloy and have porcelain fused onto the gold alloy. Our expert advanced dental technician also ensures this type of crown will look as real as a healthy tooth. On rare occasions full gold crowns are used when the back tooth is in an extremely heavy bite situation and clearance levels are minimal. The gold contains alloys to enhance its strength.

Dental bridges literally bridge a gap left by one or more missing teeth. Not only are bridges a good way to eliminate gaps, but they can also improve your appearance.

Furthermore, bridges can improve speaking, chewing and stress on nearby teeth.

Held in place by crowns on either side, dental bridges are strong, functional and look great. The three types of dental bridges are as follows:

1. Traditional fixed bridge – False tooth prosthetic fused between two porcelain crowns, attached to adjacent teeth <

2. Resin- bonded Bridge – False tooth prosthetic fused to metal, bonded to the back of adjacent teeth.

3. Cantilever Bridge – False tooth prosthetic anchored to one side.



Total Dental offer this popular procedure for brightening your smile

We use a system called Nite White ®. It is a fast, effective and safe method of controlled tooth whitening; the active gel and custom made clear trays are worn overnight for a period of time recommended by your dentist or until optimum results have been achieved.


Are custom made and then fixed to the visible portion of your tooth, they are made generally in two appointments. Veneers are designed to correct a wide range of dental imperfections by changing the colour, shape, size, length as well as closing gaps and straightening crooked or chipped teeth. They are made of a thin shell of porcelain and then permanently bonded onto the tooth or teeth using special resin glue.

Veneers offer you a brand new, bright white smile, simply and quickly.


Also known as indirect fillings, inlays are placed within an injured or badly damaged tooth needing more than a filling but less than a dental crown.

Inlays offer a conservative way to repair a tooth while leaving healthy tooth structure intact. In addition to saving your tooth, inlays can replace old, unsightly metal fillings.

Inlays are used on badly damaged teeth when there is not enough remaining tooth structure to support a filling and typically on back teeth where strength and durability are needed. Inlays can be made from a metal alloy or porcelain to better match the colour and translucency of your teeth.


A smile makeover can transform and enhance your existing smile so that you look and feel more confident, to achieve this we may recommend a number of different procedures to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Reconstructions or smile makeovers are typically ideal for people with heavily restored teeth, also chipped or broken teeth and teeth affected by grinding.

This procedure can also correct bite position and help improve, function along with enhancing your smile.

If you are unhappy with your smile, talk to us here at Total Dental about a smile makeover.

Fill out our Smile Assessment form and bring it with you for a free consultation.


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